3 years believing in something that is actually not a bromance anymore ღ


I’m deleting this acc and gonna make another one. Ily guys bye

I’m back but i know nobody cares so meh


i bet when 16 year old niall horan woke up to go and queue at croke park for xfactor auditions at 5am he never thought he’d be back there four years later performing for three sold out nights with his best friends

the tears are real man

Anonymous asked
"I have a lot of friends in long-term relationships, and I could tell you how and when every single couple met and started dating. And everyone else who knows those couples would tell the same stories." Same stories - oh, like the parma ham wrapped chicken and mash story? Oh, like the we met in a bathroom story? Oh, like the we were at the same Script concert 3 yrs befor Xfactor story? It's curious how H/L seem to tell the same stories over and over and L/E can't even agree how they met.